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Our participations

See our participation in various exhibitions.

    Hall 5, 5B73 | 13-16 March 2014
  • With success was completed our participation in the exhibition Retro Classics in Germany, which hosts Fantastic automotive legends from the four corners of the world on 13-16 March 2014.

    Thanks to its unique concept and stunning design of RCH, which sets new standards in the category of car manufacturing, intrigued many visitors.

    See photos from the exhibition here.

    Halle /Hall 1A / 116 Untergeschoss / Basement Wednesday, 10 April 2013
  • RCH participated in the 25th Techno Classica 2013 global report Retro cars held in Essen - Germany on 10 -14 April 2013.

    The 25th Techno Classica 2013 has caused the enthusiasm of 193,000 visitors from 30 nations from around the world (Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Russia).

    RCH παρουσίασε τις νέες της σειρές RCH 356 Speester καθώς και το RCH - Carrera Wide Body, ένα υψηλής αισθητικής και επιδόσεων όχημα , για ανθρώπους του σήμερα που αισθάνονται μοναδικοί.

    It is certain that ReplicarHellas intrigued people who love cars.

    Thanks to a unique concept and stunning design the RCH sets new standards in its class of cars.

    See photos from the exhibition here.

    Thursday, 22 November 2012